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Let It Rip Launchpad

Have you done this yet? Homie, ya gotta have this in your tool belt. Buy it once and it’s yours. Do this if you haven't already. If you just wanna rocket ship somewhere new in as little as 5 weeks. You can grab this and do it at your own pace and have it in your tool box. It’s a MUST HAVE!

$299 regular price.
$224 for supercharged members.

My Magic Map

My Magic Map™ is 21 gorgeous reminders from your infinite soul, speaking to YOU in your language, answering in YOUR voice. It’s like putting your soul on autopilot to track a path to what you most desire in your life. It’s telling you all of the exciting, freeing and very important things you may have forgotten.

Just $77!

The Hexagon

This is a 2 hour recording of PK's Conscious Business Accelerator Workshop at The New Way Live Sydney, Dec 2016. The program contains a dive into PK's model for conscious business- 'The Hexagon' which is a 6 sided model containing very fresh and forward insights.

A bee-hive is made up of hexagons, just like our world is made up of beautiful, game changing conscious businesses that work together as one :) Our hexagons are our conscious businesses, and our beehive is what we call, the Jeaniius collective. This workshop style program contains a LOT of juicy content that rewards both the entrepreneur AND the business itself and allows all to flourish in The New Way.

The 6 elements of The Hexagon.

1) The aligned entrepreneur
2) Your ride or die Tribe
3) Your foundation
4) Your divine board of directors
5) Thriving energetic resources (Money)

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The Supercharged

Speaking of almond milk latte, this is yours. The daily fuel up so your jeaniius can fly. If you want the global tribe, the raw and consistent mentoring, the powerful accountability and the constant fresh content on tap... it's HERE!! We've been waiting for you...

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