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Fun!! I was featured recently in the beasty and brilliant Brit + Co to share 7 FRESH tips on finding work that’s meaningful to you. Have a read and let me know, which tip is most relevant for where you’re at right now?

Read the Interview here



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One response to “7 Tips for Finding Work That’s Meaningful to You”

  1. What a lovely interview! Unkinking my hose, flowing my tap 🙂 and what is meaningful to me speaks to my heart the most. I see folks on the stage in the role of entrepreneur and want to reach the masses with inspiration AND it is my work with children, especially those who are labeled with special or exceptional needs (is there a human who doesn’t have their own set of needs and unique ways of meeting them?) in the role of teacher, special ed teacher, substitute teacher, resource teacher and in the near future Waldorf teacher . . . . however, children are magic and I play with them, I learn from them, they teach me what they need and I give that to them on a very deep level. I create ways of meeting them and facilitating their learning . . . it is challenging, for me, a writer, to put into words what it is that I do . . I just want to keep doing it because that is my flow. I want to play with PK and create epic shit for children.

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