A moment to pause…

| August 15, 2016

A rare moment of pausing and appreciating.

We’re sitting in a sweet underground co-working space in London and I’m sippin’ ma latte, preparing for The New Way Live AUS (my ideal day).

Part of the process is going through testimonials and feedback. Feedback is easy for me- love constructive criticism. But to be perfectly honest, I very rarely stop to read any sort of praise and recognition. I just love doing the work and I’m always moving at light speed creating the next gift for my tribe.

But with the next event coming up in December, I wanted to know how the attendees from the May event were doing, 3 months after. What good is a event if you’re only excited for 3 days or 3 weeks? So I asked, and what I got back is so insanely goosebumpy. I just wanted to share a teeny bit:

“Even though the event was 3 months ago, the ripple effect of change at a cellular level continues. It’s like I was rewired there.”

“I felt like I was spinning in circles and now I feel like I’m in a direct path to my Jeaniius!”

“TNWL was my rebirth. I got back in touch with my soul and what in meant to do on this earth.”

“I am different. I finally launched my business!!!”

The intention for TNWL has always been this– ‘The most magic and potent event– Real cellular change, not just a full notebook’.

I am SO thankful Jeaniius asked me to be her human servant. I am SO grateful for everyone who was apart of the first event The New Way Live back in May. And I am SOOOO freaking psyched for The New Way Live to hit Aussie shores in December!!!!

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