PK. Your Sister.

Peta Kelly-Coover. I got married in 2016 to to the most beautiful man, Erik, and we're soon to have our first child together.

About me, PK.

What’s my weird accent: I am Aussie. I live between Aus and the USA and whatever other random place we’re in. I was born and raised in Perth (freo) and so that’s why my favourite attire is no shoes, no clothes, nipple tassels if the moment is right.

I’m obsessed with Jeaniius. My chief entity. The spirit that tapped me on the shoulder for years and in 2016, birthed herself through me. I call her my chief entity. She’s a who, and a what:
Who- A badass spirit of naked brilliance who flows through you, so you can let it rip. What- A global hub of nakedly brilliant people who are mobilised to create epic shit for the planet and our people.

Millennials. We’re so misunderstood. But I work with the most inspiring, proactive, conscious millennial game changers on earth and I feel their essence, and their deep care and responsibility. PLUS. Their innovative badassery? Are you kidding me! The world is in safe hands and we’re holding it down for the next generation of crystal kids.

Almond butter. Like, with my finger, half a jar a day sorta obsessed. Ridiculously funky cafes with exposed brick, the amazon of personality, high vibe food, house made almond milk. Failing. Literally. What better way to learn. My tribe. Conscious enterprise. Beautiful organisations who take care of our people and our planet. Conscious enterprise will change our earth. Mother Earth. She is my ultimate idol and constant teacher. Cacao. Or ‘kakao’. It’s the most healing, heart opening, tap turning spirit food on earth. Books, rain, cozy clothes, my doggies, my husband, Sundays. All mixed together. My Tesla. Seriously. One giant party every time I get in it. I love you Elon (and Nikola). Hair scrunchies. Why they ever went out of fashion I don’t know.

What I Do


I create raw, no BS content for the next generation of conscious leaders, entrepreneurs and messy humans. I let it rip on my blog, on big and small stages, on video and also on FB live (love that thing).


I speak on big stages, and small stages, and also from the comfort of my couch on video sessions and FB live. I love that on FB lives I can be wearing civilised clothing up the top and powerpuff girl G-string at the bottom and nobody can know.

Mentoring Programs

I have two core mentoring programs. The Supercharged which is my heart and soul… That tribe is magic. We turned one in December 2016 (yay)! I have a new mentoring program, the Jeaniius Collective which is a high level program for entrepreneurs building something beautiful.


I used to run around like a headless chicken in pursuit of changing the world. Now, I taste my food, I notice the flowers blooming around my home, I drive the long way home, I leave space in my calendar for NOTHING (oh my g so delicious).

The New Way

Why Am I Relevant?

Cue Drake ‘started from the bottom’... lol, kidding, That song annoys me.
“Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upside down….” Fresh Prince, that’s more like it.

Just three years ago I was, like you, standing at a crossroads. Don’t get me wrong, I was doing well in an everyday kind of way. At the same time, I was getting big nudges from the universe. I was feeling, big time, the pull between what I “should” do and what I “could” do. Know that feeling?

Long story short, I leapt from my the safety of my PhD in Perth, Western Australia, to the scary but freaking FIRE world of entrepreneurship, self-discovery, spirituality, yada yada yada.. Those are just words until they actually do something to a human. The journey has led me to right here, a rough ass-freaking human with an INSATIABLE hunger to mobilise the jeaniius of Gen Y, and turn The New Way into The New Normal. Our generation holds the keys to getting the job done, period.

So, a few little highlights and tidbits from my journey over the last 5 years.

In Brief, I teach

  • The New Way to live, lead, earn and give.
  • Conscious Enterprise. Building organisations with a CE, ‘Chief Entity’ and two key board members- ‘Humanity’ and ‘Planet’
  • The Anatomy of your Jeaniius. Turning on the tap and just letting it RIP (Oh the bliss!)
  • The glorious art of being human AF. Seriously, this isn’t meant to be so serious.

My Mission

  • By 2026:
  • To mobilise 1 billion young people to be living in their Jeaniius.
  • To see conscious business be the only business.

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The Supercharged

Speaking of almond milk latte, this is yours. The daily fuel up so your jeaniius can fly. If you want the global tribe, the raw and consistent mentoring, the powerful accountability and the constant fresh content on tap... it's HERE!! We've been waiting for you...

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