Abundance. It’s gotta make energetic sense!

| April 26, 2016

ABUNDANCE. How do you ‘get it’?

I’m getting a vid ready to post this afternoon and I got curious about this one word.

Do you ask God, the universe, your highest power ‘to feel more abundant?’

Here’s how I see it.You’re only ever going to be gifted something if you’re energetically ready for it. And a good way (the only way) to become energetically ready for something, is to OWN the process of getting it…. to GO FIRST.

ABUNDANCE. Most people with a vision board have the word in huge-ass letters on it. It’s a nice thing to want, right? The feeling of abundance is beautiful. But why doesn’t everyone ‘feel it’?

If you ASK for more abundance to flow through you, but then you drive around for 20 mins trying to save 5c a liter on fuel, or sell your old kettle on ebay for $6 when you could donate it to the goodwill… is that suggesting that you’re ready and willing?

I mean, if I was the universe, I wouldn’t give more ‘abundance’ which in it’s essence is meant to be ‘shared’… to someone who doesn’t share what they already have. It doesn’t make energetic sense and energetic sense is EVERYTHING.

So, will you feel ‘abundant’ because the universe ‘gifts’ you abundance or will you feel abundant because you GO FIRST in creating the shift in your own life?


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