“Can I pick your brain?”

| August 15, 2016

This is big.

Howard Schultz said “If i had coffee with everyone who asked, I wouldn’t be the kind of guy you’d want to have coffee with.”

This is the exact reason I created The Supercharged– because I was drowning in PM’s saying “Can i pick your brain?”. I wanted to know who REALLY wanted to learn from me. I teach my tribe what all my mentors have taught me– the power of investing and exchanging money energy for information you sincerely appreciate. And more importantly, changing your story around that exchange.

I went to my Dr recently who spent 45 mins longer with me than planned. She went to charge me for the shorter appointment and said “I kept you longer, you shouldn’t pay the bigger fee.” I told her to charge me her full fee because I value the time she gave me– period.

There is a LOT of free stuff out there thanks to social media which is beautiful. I love how generous we all are with our information and I sure love hopping on a FB live for 30 mins just to give to my tribe.

But let me ask you something. Do you value your dreams enough to invest what you need to invest when you need to invest in it?

Or is “Can I pick your brain?” as much as you’re willing to give?


Here’s the full article that inspired this post:


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