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“I like to believe that mamahood is the ultimate ‘leveler’. I like to say that whether you’re a Murdoch or a Murphy (or a Taylor-Kabbaz for that matter), mamahood makes us all equal.

It doesn’t matter if you have a million dollars or not – you still need to get up in the night. You still worry about whether you’re doing it ‘right’. You still think about your child’s future, your role in it, whether you’re a good role model.

That’s the journey of parenthood, right?

Today’s podcast is so special to me for a number of reasons.
First, it’s with a woman I have admired from afar for a long time. PetaKelly (for those of you who don’t know her) was a millionaire by her mid-20s. She is one of the most fiercely passionate women I have ever met – completely committed to changing the world. This woman doesn’t think small – she thinks bigger than most! And she is doing it too.

Driven. Determined. Passionate. Committed.

So what happens to that type of commitment when mamahood comes along? How do you marry that driving ambition with the realities of motherhood?

I’ll tell you what happens – you soften. You slow down. You find the feminine.

Yes, you can still change the world – but you do it with such beautiful energy now. It doesn’t come from the hustle anymore – it comes from within.

This is what is so DIVINE about this podcast episode.
And as you can tell at nearly 45 minutes long – I didn’t want to stop talking to her!

Listen below. And please share with all the mamas in your world who are trying to find the balance between their passion and their family.
As Peta so beautifully explains – there is a way to thrive EVEN MORE than you did before once you become a mama.”

LISTEN TO THIS INSPIRING PODCAST EPISODE now here –…/ep-45-connecting-feminine-p…/

Listen Here!


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