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Your vibration is a form of activism.
In your heart is a potent protest. 
When the world goes low 
when bombs are dropped
When too many are living a nightmare right now 
We need to go higher .
Feel mad, angry, sad.
Send money overseas to support those who are fleeing. 
Bow in gratitude that your children are eating breakfast and off to school and your greatest worry today is that their socks don’t match. 
Feel it. Process it. 
But then, go high
open up
tidy up. 
Times like this,
the world is asking us
“So how are you going to respond, Team Earth? When will it change?” … that’s not a call to politicians
they can’t hear (yet).
It’s a call to us. You and me.
To do what we need to do
In our hearts. 
Where it matters more than you think. 
The bombs will stop
When we collectively give enough of a shit
When the fingers stop pointing
When compassion is the boss 
When Love is really winning. 
This week, protest in your heart.
Clear up your own backyard
Of judgement, blame and hate. 
Rip open your heart 
Even to those you don’t understand
And remind your cells that 
everyone is doing their best.
Dive into that compassion,
Marinate it in 
And act, create, care from there.
When the world goes low, we need to go high.
When nobody is watching
Where our insta following can’t see
In private
We need to go high. 
Your vibration is a form
Of activism
In your heart is a potent protest #earthishiring



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