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[əːθɛs] noun

The Modern Earth Goddess.
The Earthess is equal parts ‘BRB- creating epic shit’ and ‘Just gimme some cacao and a day amongst the trees.’

Peta Kelly
Peta Kelly
Peta Kelly
Peta Kelly
Peta Kelly

She’s fresh, but ancient.

She’s a creator, but a nurturer.

Her masculine ‘get shit done’ comes easy to her, but her real power is in her softness.

She craves her softness.

Her greatest gift to her family, her community and the Earth is her vibration and how she thrives. Her life is full, but spacious. The space isn’t filled with obligatory commitments, it’s space for her. She doesn’t take pride in overworking, anymore. She’s instead proud of finding harmony, finally. She gets it all done, but with a new ease. Why not? Her abs are not her favorite body part. She wants to talk about a different kind of transformation— her new relationship with food, her new blissful alignment, how she melts into a new level of intimacy with her lover, and how she now expresses herself creatively in a way that transports her. Her self care is not just a bubble bath and cucumber eye masks, but unwavering respect for her boundaries and a schedule where her Soul takes priority. Mother Earth is her mentor and the Earthess is her ride or die devotee. She lives in a way that inspires everyone around her to upgrade their vibration and actions for the Earth. She eats to thank, fuel and appreciate her body, not just to sculpt the perfect figure for instagram. She honours and appreciates the true function of her body and how freaking magnificent she is. It’s time for her to take off her cape, and her shoes. It’s time for her to be held up by a fresh, real, no BS community of sisters, perhaps for the first time ever. It’s time for her to soften, while keeping her fire LIT. She’s the powerhouse woman, the Mum, hippie, not hippie, network marketing professional, thought leader, blogger, entrepreneur, author, speaker, creator, athlete, wife, single babe, or whatever else. It’s not the 'what', it’s the 'her'. The Earthess Co is a space, a community, and that's just phase 1.

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