Is “Entrepreneurship” just a word in your bio?

| August 17, 2016

Are you really an entrepreneur or do you just like putting it on your Insty bio?

This isn’t a smart ass question, i just wanna help you get a little more real with your work today. Realness and clarity feels good.

I just got done with a FB live in my supercharged program- midnight London time, lookin real pretty 😉…. and today is our Creatively earning day. The day we dive into what it means to creatively earn and serve (aka, conscious entrepreneurship).

I asked them, who would miss your work today if you slacked or stopped? Which individuals? What do they look like? Where are they?

The toughest thing about entrepreneurship is self-discipline. I think we’re all guilty of at some point thinking ‘oh I could just stop, no one will notice.’ Or ‘No one will notice if I scroll FB an extra 10 mins.’

Just cos no one is watching over you, just cos nobody notices, it doesn’t mean no one is affected. People are affected when you slack and when you stop.

So if you’re having trouble focussing or firing up today, just ask yourself–

1) Who are you REALLY working for? (Cos FYI, you’re not working for yourself).

2) And who is gonna be affected if you slack or stop today?

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