Episode 35. #mindblowing2016 series (part 1)

| December 16, 2015

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Part 1 of the Mind Blowing 2016 Series

I mean seriously… How exciting do those words sound ‘Mind.Blowing.2016.’

I created a 3 part series all about GOALS for you, because I know how daunting setting goals can be. Humans are so funny. Goals are meant to serve us and give us exciting direction, yet sometimes they can actually work the other way. Sometimes we set goals that just don’t vibe with ourselves. We pull these numbers and dates and deadlines out of our butts because they ‘sound good’. Can you relate? You know it when you’re writing them out and you think ‘ok this probably is not going to happen’ but you set the goal regardless. There’s a disconnect there between you and your goal.   Do you know what you’re doing when you set a goal without the direction? – You’re setting yourself up to miss the goal. It’s like your goal, is to set a goal you don’t wanna hit. Humans, we’re funny right? And do you know what that does?- It slowly chips away at your belief in yourself. Think about all the ‘pulled it outta my ass goals’ you’ve set. And think about WHY you didn’t hit them… It’s because they weren’t your real, heart felt goals. You had no connection to them other than you thought they sounded good at the time & set ’em anyways. What would happen if you set REAL goals that felt like YOURS? Not fantasy goals. Or ‘just because’ goals. You can still stretch, with real goals. A stretch can feel real. But only you know. So when mapping out your #mindblowing2016, FEEL your goals.  And just let that certainty, that connection and that alignment propel you into your best year yet.


“So when mapping out your #mindblowing2016, FEEL your goals. And just let that certainty, that connection and that alignment propel you into your best year yet. ”  ? Peta Kelly


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