Episode 39. Just 60 seconds a day.

| January 14, 2016

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Right, no excuses. After you’ve read this you literally have, ZERO excuses, kapeesh?

I was listening to a podcast recently with the evangelist of Google (yes, they have one). He was explaining the importance of yoga and meditation for health and productivity in the work place.
We all know that yoga and meditation are incredible for us. We don’t need to read the 3256943 publications of evidence. So then, why do so many of us find it incredibly difficult to incorporate these practices into our daily routine?
Here’s why- ’cause committing to 60 mins of yoga each day is unfathomable to some, finding 20 minutes in the morning to meditate is stressful for others’ & doing both? Well forget about it. Not all of us but a lot of us. Agreed?
I’m of the opinion that you will create space for whatever is most important to you. So, ‘I don’t have time’ is just a good excuse at best.
I also understand that for most of us, when building a new habit, we have to start small, feel the benefits of those baby steps and then be all ‘ok WOW. I do wanna do this everyday.’ – Ya dig?
Going back to the Evangelist at Google (as we will call him) – he makes this easy for everyone. He suggests that those who want to incorporate these practices but can’t find the time to commit to…

Wait for it (this is good stuff)….

Just 60 seconds of Yoga and meditation every day. 

EVERYONE can do that. Nobody, I repeat nobody is too busy for 60 seconds. Best part about it? When you schedule 60 seconds into your schedule, and actually ACHIEVE that 60 seconds, you feel SO GOOD about your new habit. You win.
Failing habits suck and can be demotivating. So kicking butt in your early stage of habit creating is SO important for making the habit stick. This particular butt-kicking takes 60 seconds people! & Once we start to find success with 60 seconds, we naturally crave more.
It’s realistic, it’s do-able, it’s bite size. This is the key to successful habits.
So my question to you is this…. What else would change the game for you if you did it for 60 seconds a day? Gratitude? Sending love? Reading? Planking for your abs? Listening to some grounding music? Skipping? Cuddling your dog? Sending a text to a relative? Organizing a couple square feet of your closet? Smiling
There’s so much bite size room for HUGE change in your life.

Don’t you agree?


“Feeling good, is meant to come before ‘because I should.”? Peta Kelly


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