Episode 40. Good feels better than should.

| January 20, 2016

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uayuGOX0uCw”][vc_column_text]I really wanna have an extra hour in the morning to draw, but i SHOULD start answering emails.

I really wanna add in an extra yoga session in the afternoon but i SHOULD just be at my computer.

I really wanna just stay in this weekend and snuggle up all cozy watching a doco but i SHOULD go to the party.

I really wanna leave my soul sucking job that i freaking hate but i SHOULD just suck it up and stick with it.

I really wanna travel to Bali and just turn my phone off for a month but I SHOULD just be like most adults and act as if that is irresponsible and not realistic.

I really wanna live in outrageous abundance, joy, success and love, but I SHOULD just play it small and fit into the cookie cutter.

I mean, who am I to feel good all of the time?

I’ll tell you who you are.. You’re an infinite soul in a meat suit, put on this planet to FEEL GOOD, EXPERIENCE OUTRAGEOUS JOY. DO WHATEVER MAKES YOU FEEL ALIVE AND EXCITED, LIVE ABUNDANTLY, BREAK THE RULES, JUMP ON THE DAM PLANE.
Feeling good, is meant to come before ‘because I should.’
How differently would you life be if it were guided by good and not should?
I know. Whoa whoa whoa!! That sort of joy is a little crazy right? Too crazy for most.. That’s why most just stay shoulding their whole lives.
But you don’t have to. And you don’t want to. So stop it. Shoulding SUCKS
Honor yourself, respect yourself, and in the process you will honor and respect everyone else who comes into your orbit.
The world needs you feeling good.
Your family need you feeling good.
Your friends need you feeling good.



“Feeling good, is meant to come before ‘because I should.” ? Peta Kelly


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