Episode 41. Face the Space.

| February 24, 2016

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_MazfTT4oU”][vc_column_text]I love getting real with you. I feel it’s important to be vulnerable with you so you can see real life examples of me going through the stuff you go through.

Do you ever get pissed off at yourself for looking at your phone too much? I do.
Sometimes I go to the toilet, and I feel like i need to take my phone with me to check any super life changing posts of people’s dogs while I… you know…. go the toilet.
Really? I mean really. COME ON HUMANS and come on PK!! We are SO used to filling the SPACE in our lives with our phones. We talk about this in The Supercharged. It’s a real dam thing.
Think about it. Between the moments of our lives, there is beautiful, gorgeous, clearing space. And we can’t handle it! We feel like we HAVE to fill it with scrolling, or checking, or texting, or just something so dumb.
Why? why why why why why?
I know.. Because the space is confronting. The space is exposing. The space has the answers for us that we don’t wanna hear. The space reminds us of our greatness. The space is where we receive the ideas that perhaps we’re too scared to act upon. The space makes us feel like we’re busy so that we have an excuse for not writing the book, calling our mum, volunteering at the shelter.

What would happen if you faced the space?

Are you down for the challenge with me? This week, just watch yourself. Watch yourself fill in the gaps of your life with mindless scrolling.
Let’s see what happens when we be in the magic of the space. Who knows, you may even get the ‘ah ha’  you’ve been looking for on instagram.
There’s a video below for you too.
Love you!!!

“The space is exposing. The space has the answers for us that we don’t wanna hear. The space reminds us of our greatness.” ? Peta Kelly


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