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Guys:  I have a new obsession. It started as a hobby and now it’s just full blown out of control. These are my symptoms.

  • I went to Wholefoods yesterday and left with only two bags. A record.
  • I hit the ‘unfriend’ and ‘unfollow’ buttons at least 10 times a day. Guilt free.
  • Last week I packed up my 30th bag of clothes to give away this year.
  • I said no to two BIG speaking opportunities last week.
  • My ‘do not do’ list for this week is just as big as my ‘do’ list.
  • I only took home the ONE most delicious looking dessert from my fav vegan cafe today instead of taking 4 ‘just in case the first one sucks’.
  • My rubbish bins are overflowing cos I’m obsessed with putting stuff in it. I’ll walk past a book or gift that makes my face cringe a little cos of the vibe in which it was given and out it goes- guilt free.

Essentialism. I’m obsessed with essentialism. Keeping what’s essential and letting go of all the rest.

The simpler it is, the easier it is to choose.
The more spacious it feels, the more room there is for newness.
The more aligned you become, the less you tolerate things out of guilt.

So homie, this week, rather than adding every obligation and it’s dog to your orbit, what can go?

How much more spacious and simple can it be?

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