Feel the Funk.

| August 25, 2016

You know the weird looking photos in your camera roll that were taken accidentally before or after the good pic? Sometimes those are the most relevant to post.

Today I feel like I look in this awkward, in between photo. I woke up today feeling ‘meh’. I have one shoe on right now. I went running this morning and got pissed off at the stick that got in my way. I forgot I was cleansing this morning and ate. I typed one sentence of a chapter and stared at the screen wondering if books really could write themselves. Now I’m wondering if the moon is taking the week off and headed to burning man and that’s why I feel so funky.

Fo’realz though… I know what the funk is, it’s a mixture of spiritual and professional growing pains + hormones- cool. It ain’t the first funk and it won’t be the last.

But what I’ve learned as a human is the quickest way out of a funk, is to be in the funk. To feel the funk. Not to ignore the funk and wrong the funk. Sometimes what we think is a funk, is really just a request for us to have a slower day, to stop and be a little more grateful, to stop judging the moments we don’t feel like doing an aerobics grape vine down our hallway. I’d so much rather be a human than a robotic unicorn any day.

I’m off to get in my car, play some ‘The fray’ and pretend I’m in a really emo video clip. Happy new day of humanness, lovers.


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