Growing is Tough – That’s Why Some People Choose Not to Do It Sometime

| March 15, 2016

Growing is tough, that's why some people choose not to do it. Sometimes it's just flat out brutal and I find that the deeper I explore, the more intense my experiences of growth and expansion are. But I find them easier to stick with and easier to just observe. Why? Cos I know what's on the other side. And boy is it worth it.

I wish though, that everyone could know how glorious the bounty is at the end of a rough growth experience. It's the most glorious thing in the whole dam world. New faith, new clarity, new trust, new perspective, new unaffectedness, and in my case, new self love. I feel so dam proud of myself for busting through shit, the older I get. That in itself feels so epic (ain't no party like a self love party).

It's like you're on crash bandicoot. To get to the next level you need to learn some new things. You need to fall flat on your face while trying to jump to the next ledge while that crazy game music is playing. 'do do do dododododod do do uh oh'. You need to sometimes come back and try that same level 3 times for making it to the next. Some people throw the remote control down after level 3. Some don't even make it past level 1. Some, keep playing the game for the pure love of playng the game and getting better.

That's what you do when you say yes to the sticky growth. So, my friend, if i could give you a trophy for winning the crash bandicoot game of life, I would.

Keep growing, keep expanding and baby, find the lightness in it.

It's not that serious. It's is pretty much a crash bandicoot game.

Love you. X

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