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What’s The Hexagon?

This self-guided program was created from PK’s Conscious Business Accelerator Workshop at The New Way Live event in Sydney, Australia.

The program dives into PK’s model for conscious business, “The Hexagon,” a 6-sided model containing very fresh and forward insights for building conscious ventures designed to positively impact and transform our world.

A beehive is made up of hexagons, just like our world is made up of beautiful, game-changing conscious businesses that work together as one.

Our hexagons are our conscious businesses, and our beehive is what we call, the Jeaniius Collective. This workshop style program contains a LOT of juicy content that rewards both the entrepreneur AND the business itself and allows all to flourish in The New Way.

The 6 elements of The Hexagon

The Hexagon Program Peta kelly

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