Hi, I’m Peta and I’m Human AF

| August 30, 2016

Hi! I’m Peta Kelly and I am Human AF.
Can someone make me up a name tag with that sweet title?

We’re so quick to throw titles onto ourselves these days and I feel that’s the most relevant one for me….

Homies, I take this leadership thing seriously, but also lightly. I don’t want the personal development world turning into Hollywood and for it to become a hierarchy of superhumans that have transcended all earthly minutia, that the ‘regular folk’ can’t touch.

Our #1 job as we lead in The New Way is to remember, embrace, and talk about our humanness. Our generation is gonna make some serious magic together, and unite like never before (fo’realz, one team). As we get all ‘woke’ together, we’re gonna see some INSANE things being created by what appear to be super humans (I’m looking at you, children under the age of 16).

But regardless of how epic we humans become and how many astronomical things we create, people will still wanna hear about how freaking tough it was to do it, how loud our fears got, how our doubt almost killed us… But how we did it despite being a human and because we are human.

Yes, we’re infinite souls connected to an infinite multiverse and we haven’t even scratched the sides of what we’re capable of as humans… But we were made into humans for a reason.

Mess up royally.
Change your mind a million times.
Crap your pants if you have to.
That’s just as glorious as the fact you won a trophy.

So, hi guys! I am Peta Kelly and I am so gloriously and messily Human AF.

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