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Let It Rip Launchpad

What’s The Let it Rip Launchpad?

Every time you get within 20 seconds of taking the leap, filming the video, starting the business, reaching out to the influencer you wanna partner with, finishing the book… Resistance wins.

But here’s where you make the comeback of all comebacks. Here’s where you stop scattering your energy around like bread crumbs between a hundred little projects that don’t really mean anything to you … or anyone else.

You get it. Now is the time to make epic shit happen.

Now is the time to move on your ideas cos you know, oh boy do you know, that any one of us can be the next Uber or Instagram, or Tom’s… including you. So let's go! This program isn’t just another… well, program. It’s #1 purpose is to dissect YOUR genius (Not Elon’s, not Oprah’s, not Jobs’ but YOURS) and put it under a microscope so you can see it clearly.

What is it?

Who is it for?

Im Ready to Let It Rip!