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Let It Rip Launchpad

Every time you get within 20 seconds of taking the leap, filming the video, starting the business, reaching out to the influencer you wanna partner with, finishing the book… Resistance wins.

But here’s where you make the comeback of all comebacks. Here’s where you stop scattering your energy around like bread crumbs between a hundred little projects that don’t really mean anything to you … or anyone else. You get it. Now is the time to make epic shit happen. Now is the time to move on your ideas cos you know, oh boy do you know, that any one of us can be the next Uber or Instagram, or Tom’s… including you. So let's go! This program isn’t just another… well, program. It’s #1 purpose is to dissect YOUR genius (Not Elon’s, not Oprah’s, not Jobs’ but YOURS) and put it under a microscope so you can see it clearly.

What is it?

The full recording of Pk’s Anatomy of Your Jeaniius model broken down into 5 modules of super easy to digest weekly units of learning.

120 minutes of LIVE video content from The New Way Live Scottsdale.

Your own Anatomy of Your Jeaniius map so you can see and meet yours.

Video AND audio version to suit your learning style.

Thorough, badass, actionable, focussed worksheets each week.

Powerful tools that you can use every day and forever.

Content transcribed for those who love reading.

5 x bonus 1 hour recorded Video Coaching Q and A calls based on the learning units. These are taken from when we guided people through the program LIVE.

Two powerful book recommendations to compliment the program.

Option to join The Supercharged and have daily discussions about what you learn and what you need with other people doing high level work.

Who is it for?

Creative entrepreneurs whose ideas come to them like Niagara Falls.

Busy people. People who have so much going on and want to cut some fat out of their schedule and do the things that most count.

Creatives. Period. We need structure and clarity so we can move forward and not sideways, right?

Employees who thrive on giving their absolute best to their organisation.

Personal development junkies who absorbs more information than they know what to do with.

People who get excited about human potential, and those people who push the boundaries like Elon Musk.

People who juggle too many things and are constantly distracted by what their soul most wants them to do.

Anyone who wants to 10x their productivity, function from a whole new space of clarity and spaciousness.

Im Ready to Let It Rip!