Meditation. The greatest R.O.I EVER.

| February 11, 2016

R.O.I. What is that? It looks like the brand of a hammer. For those not in the business world, it's Return. On. Investment. So, what sort of return you're getting on whatever it is you invested. ROI's are most typically discussed with regards to money. But the most powerful ROI's always come from TIME and ENERGY. 

Time and energy ROI's are also the most relatable… Cos everyone, all over the globe is investing time and energy everyday. Not everyone is investing money. 

Anyway, in true A.D.D fashion, let me now get to the jist.

I was listening to Tim Ferris' podcast the other day and he was discussing his meditation technique. He was totally honest in that it isn't a picture perfect meditation practice, but who's is, right? I wanna make a film about REAL life meditation practices.. Complete with all the twitching, the screwed up faces that happen when you notice all the fucked up thoughts you have, the dog barking in the background and even the tantrums that come in the early stages of mediation- "This is so gay, why did i start this, i dont need it, im not a monk." I mean seriously, how many peoples meditation actually looks like the ones in the stock photos. You know the ones.. A smirky smile as if to say 'oh i am so one with everything.' Incense burning in the background. Liquid gold being poured from infinity all over the body. The butt levitating from the ground. Morrocan cushions. Deepak Chopra in the background just helpin you out.  

It doesn't look like that. Feel better now? 

So on his podcast, Tim was saying how he does 21 minutes everyday. Here I am thinking, 'ohhh you are such a spiritual mother f***** Tim. 21 minutes, because 21 is 7 divided by 3 and 7 is the number that resonates with the vibrations and energies of the collective consciousness.' 

He then went on to say, "yeh. I do 21 minutes so that I can give myself a minute to just mess around, twitch, get distracted, fiddle. And then I just do 20." 

Seth Godin was a guest on this podcast, and Tim asks him the question "What does your meditation session look like?" Seth says.. "It's sloppy, nothing worth writing home about. I just sit, get into the state i need and get on with it." 

Tim asks "For how long?'

Seth answers "I don't know. I don't quantify anything in my life." Oh boom shaka laka to THAT but this blog post isn't about how epically profound Seth Godin is. 

My A.D.D point here is this… 

1) Meditation is sloppy. You will not levitate. But almost every successful* person I look up to, does it. Every single day. Regardless of how 'be the book' their practice is. Why? It's worth it. 

2) The R.O.I on meditation is the greatest R.O.I ever. Tim said, the 20 minutes he spends in the morning meditating, is THE most powerful thing he does habitually. And I can jump in here and agree for myself also. Sometimes my mediation practice isn't all smooth and worth writing home about. But I do it every single day, because it's worth it. The busier I get, the longer I meditate. Where as it used to be 'the busier i got, the more time i scraped off my meditation because that was an easy thing to scrape time off.' The return on investment for time spent tuning in, getting quiet, asking you soul what it really wants, purging thoughts so they don't revisit you all day long… Is invaluable. 

For me, 20-30 minutes in the morning gives me a return on investment of HOURS of time.

It adds hours to my day because of the clarity it gives me. I spend less time umming and arghing about what to do.

It adds hours to my day because I don't do stupid shit that my ego wants me to do (like projects that don't light me up), cos i asked my soul first in the morning. It adds hours to my day because it puts me in my natural high vibration state that means the universe is working for me harder than i'm working myself.

It adds LOVE, PEACE, CALM, JOY, CLARITY to my day that nothing else can add so swiftly.

It adds connectedness to my soul which saves me hours of decision making- Meditation helps me get the answers i need STAT.

It adds light to my life that pours over onto other people all day everyday. I cant even keep track of the R.O.I  of meditating, and that's when you know it's something worth doing. 

Do i leave every single meditation feeling epic? No. Sometimes i leave at a time where my thoughts were up HIGH (Michael Bernard Beckwith actually says that in meditation you are clearing your thoughts out faster than ever.. it's like overload of thoughts cos you're purging them faster than if you DIDNT meditate.)  But it doesn't matter. Because the R.O.I  on the HABIT of meditating is the highest R.O.I in my entire life. And I believe that. 

Meditate. I don't like telling people what to do but meditate. Even if you just sit and listen to some sweet guided meditations by Deepak, or Elisa Romeo (my new home girl), or Marianne Williamson (there are so many!)… or even if you screw up your face and hear your thoughts turned  up to volume 4323.. 





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