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My Magic Map

21 reminders from your infinite soul

What if you could plug into your clearest, most creative, productive self as easily as you charge your phone? 7 minutes in the morning, 7 minutes at night, for 21 days. No need to focus on breathing or "still your mind". These 21 audio reminders (with digital and text versions) do the work for you. Right through your earbuds.

Maybe... you've tried tons of guided meditations. They aren't like this. You already know what you're supposed to do, the problem is, you just don't do it. Sure, your mind knows, but these messages go right to your subconscious, where they're actually absorbed. You already spend a lot of time in flow and aren't really "in a funk". This will help you stay in your state of flow and expand it. This is a daily gift to your soul.

So what is my magic map™?

My Magic Map™ is 21 gorgeous reminders from your infinite soul, speaking to YOU in your language, answering in YOUR voice. It’s like putting your soul on autopilot to track a path to what you most desire in your life. It’s telling you all of the exciting, freeing and very important things you may have forgotten. My Magic Map: Three soulfully designed components just for you.

Is My Magic Map For You?

This is definitely for you if you...

Are ready for your next level. Plain and simple

Feel the pain of unfulfilled potential

Have so much noise and ‘lizard brain’ that one easy access to your infinite soul is exactly what you need

Know what’s possible for you; for some reason just aren’t allowing it.

Want a simple, easy and beautiful spirit routine

Want to reset and reboot your spirit flow for 21 days (and beyond!)

I'm ready to gift my soul!