The New Way to Do the Biz is Here!

| July 28, 2016

The new way to do business is here, homies, and it extends even beyond the people, planet, profit model.

It’s the way the entrepreneur balances the CEO and the creator hat, the masculine and the feminine, the soft and the stern.

It’s being so fierce and sure of what your mission and vision is, that you allow only the most aligned and congruent to come close, regardless of resume’.

It’s realizing that the ‘caring economy’ is freaking fire for our generation and that the most valuable currency in business is ‘I care about what you care about’.

It’s making ‘humanity’ and ‘the planet’ the two most prestigious members on your board of advisors because, well they have the biggest say and you won’t do anything they don’t agree with. 

But the person with the biggest say isn’t a person at all. It’s the CE– the CHIEF ENTITY. The spirit who runs the whole show and has a voice so clear that not a day goes by in the office that you aren’t reminded that you’re big epic, badass work is Gods/universe/the divines work and you’re the lucky mofo who gets to serve it like crazy. 

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