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A New Way To Live, Lead, Earn And Give With Peta Kelly

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Listen Here!

“Is ‘hustle and grind’ how life’s meant to be? Is climbing your way to the ‘top’ really the end-game we should be aiming for? Is financial freedom truly what it’s all about? Not according to today’s superstar podcast guest (and my beautiful soul sister) Peta Kelly, who says there is a New Way to becoming more successful than the generations before us and a new way to live, lead, earn and give.

Peta is a serial entrepreneur and author who’s built multiple seven-figure businesses and created a load of success in her life. So when she speaks? I’m all ears, baby! This is her second time on the show and she’s back with a big message to share: Earth is hiring us for a very important role and we need to listen up and lighten up… otherwise we will miss our opportunity.

I always walk away from conversations with Peta bursting with energy, inspiration and ideas, and I know you’re going to feel the same after listening to this epic podcast. We touch on so many juicy topics — from tapping into your creative flow, to living your true genius, to the ancient wisdom that will empower each of us (along with the rest of the planet) to rise out of mediocrity and truly thrive.

If you want to be (as Peta would say) ‘inspired AF’, and unearth the secrets of the new way to live, lead, earn and give — along with discovering how to create deep inner fulfillment in your life — this podcast is for you.

In this episode we chat about:

  • What the heck earth is hiring us to do (06:52)
  • Why being in alignment is key to inner peace and happiness (08:02)
  • How to know when you’re out of alignment and what to do about it (09:23)
  • Peta’s so-useful strategies for sliding back into effortless alignment (13:16)
  • How to unkink your hose (I LOVE this so much!) (17:11)
  • The truth about the New Way to live, lead, earn and give (23:15)
  • How to circulate your energy and raise your vibration to be more in alignment with Mother Nature (24:49)
  • How to live in integrity (and why it’s so imperative!) (26:21)
  • Why it’s ok to change your mind (26:36)
  • The hugely important activity that will enrich your life and keep your inner compass pointing true north (37:14)
  • How the internal shifts of motherhood have impacted Peta’s life and purpose (49:55)
  • Plus so much more!

Episode resources:

Open Wide by Melissa Ambrosini
Earth is Hiring by Peta Kelly
How To Financially Free Yourself With Peta Kelly
The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck by Sarah Knight
The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kond?
Soulful Simplicity by Courtney Carver”

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