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About Me, PK.

I get super awkward when it comes to titles and bios. Like, do people really give a shit about my feature in Forbes, being ranked by Inc Magazine in their list of the Top 10 female entrepreneurs changing the world, or the fact I’ve shared the stage with…. Let’s stop there. I ditched the resume’ years ago. I’m PK and I am Human AF.

Ya know gloriously, equal parts
magic & mess, human.
I'm no guru.

On my best days I have moments of Elon Musk, Mother Teresa, Amy Schumer and a 4 year old who is walking around the house banging pots and pans together.

My favourite food is hands down vegemite and avocado toast with black pepper on top. Let's just get that out there before we continue. Born and raised in Perth, Western Australia (Freo represent!) by a single Mum of 4 who is my hero. I was a science nerd for some time, writing a thesis that was published in an international journal. I ditched my phD because my soul was tugging me along to the next part of my journey- entrepreneurship. Which started as entrepreneurship, and evolved into more aware, conscious, spiritual entrepreneurship each year.

I love creating epic shit, and am a loyal channel to many bosses in the sky aka my chief entities. They’re much easier to work with than one of my old bosses who yelled at me for having a slithy off centred top knot one morning. I created a 7 figure income for myself in my early twenties, and no ‘I didn’t come from money’ (says everyone ever). Was I self made? Hell no. None of us are. We have SO much support. I was self, soul, family, friends, books, Source and tribe made. I saw money differently than many others and was committed to re-write the story of money for myself, my family and for my generation and make it a more conscious one. It was like money was asking me to give it a better rep, teach people to circulate it more consciously and be a voice for how it can be our team mate as we help our planet and people thrive. Currently my two favorite items of clothing are my vintage levis’ and my apricot leggings made from recycled water bottles, cos sustainability and conscious enterprise is my JAM (and more so everyday). I love cacao. In fact I’d go as far as to say I’m a cacao aficionado. Yeh, they exist. Coffee aficionado? Nup. There’s a new beverage in town and it’s taking over. At around 10am everyday I have a cacao ceremony with me, myself and my tap. My heart thrusts open, my tap widens, and i become about 40% more badass than I was pre-cup. Cacao is what I Imagine Mother Nature drinks. And cos my life motto is WWMND (What would mother nature do?) then I do it too. Which brings me to my next point.

Mother Earth. I’m her sidekick, loyally employed by her and as her voice when hers is not being heard. My new book, Earth Is Hiring, is a playful guidebook for millennials and anyone who gives a shit, about what she’s asking of us as individuals and a collective. What’s the new way to live, lead, earn and give? How can we be a more thriving collective for our children and their children? How can we lighten the fuck up on our mission as ‘world changers?’ I feel a deep connection to whats at the heart of the millennial generation and I’m like a protective Mumma bear when it comes to sticking up for them (us).

I’m also a new Mumma Bear to my daughter Sol. She is breath taking, magic and my greatest joy… and no wonder, her Dad Erik is the sweetest, most beautiful man I know. I home birthed her, in the most wonderful, intense, magical experience of my life. Im now super passionate about empowering women to become educated about how they can trust their bodies, trust Mother Earth and trust their babies during the birthing process. I get fiery about it. Cos women are fed a lot of disempowering bullshit, let’s be honest.

I create events like The New Way Live which is a playful, badass festival that combines conscious enterprise, art and high vibing, no bullshit personal and spiritual growth. Think food trucks, the Haka, face painting, conscious money raps, deep dives into relationships, leadership and radical alignment. That’s enough for now. I just wanted to rap a little about who I am but you’ll get to know me online. Come and play on social media and come and see me in 2018 on my Earth Is Hiring tour! Let me know how you go with my book too. It’s my first one so I’m a little tender releasing it. HUMAN AF! I hope to meet you soon! PK.

PS. How does it get any better than this?


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