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Raising Your Frequency & Money Mindset with Peta Kelly

Listen Here!

Listen Here!

About Peta Kelly

Peta Kelly is a mum to her magical baby Sol, an Angel Gifter, Entrepreneur, speaker, philanthropist, cacao and vintage denim enthusiast and a voice for the millennial generation. Recently ranked by Inc Magazine in the Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs changing the world. Her favorite title is Human AF and she’s also the author of new her book, Earth Is Hiring.

Inside this episode, Peta shares:

  • 04:59- Money and the stories we create around it.
  • 10:36- The truth about abundance and what it actually means.
  • 14:00-The definition of alignment and various ways we block ourselves from living in its flow.
  • 16:31- The reason we reject feeling in alignment.
  • 17:33- The difference between resistance and misalignment.
  • 19:10- Getting to the root of our responsibilities: What we need to keep vs what we need to release.
  • 23:13- Peta’s divine connection to source through cacao. You can find it here!
  • 30:00- Peta’s Earth is Hiring book tour. Claim your spot!
  • 37:33- What Mother Earth is asking of millennials and how they can take action.

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