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PK circulate - Marketplace for the PK channel.

I believe information is sacred and should be consumed as ceremoniously as food, for reals.
So, meet Pk Circulate. My new fresh AF, aligned and exciting playground where I share information and creations that don’t wanna be unappreciated by hanging out on a congested and polluted social media feed.


Calling all creatives and conscious entrepreneurs who wanna fill up your tool box.
Turning The New Way into The New Normal.


Here's the thing friend- I don't offer straight up coaching, mentoring or consulting. With the entities I'm channelling and resources i'm circulating on behalf of the Earth, It's not in alignment for me to work with everyone who puts in a request. I am open to Consulting, speaking, team trainings and a mix of all when it's aligned. These offerings are not a 'sales page' kinda thang. They're just something I'm open to if I'm meant to serve in that way. This will work the same way as my shop-- 50% to Sol's friends. Cos, I'm all about dat conscious circulation game.

To make a request, complete this form and me or my team will get back to you: