Something Magical happens…

| February 15, 2016

Something magical happens with even just the subtle intention of "I'm gonna let my soul be the boss."

It becomes so clear where the ego has had the reigns.
It becomes so clear why there have been so many days of dissatisfaction.
It becomes so easy to eat only to nourish and not because emotions said so.
It becomes so effortless to live in the joy of the moment.
It becomes to fun to wake up and realise the FULL richness of the gift that is today.

I mean that. Take the profound shit away for a minute… You know that insty meme floating around that says "I hope one day you wake up and fall in love with being alive" ?

What would happen if you did? Lose the entitlement. Today is the greatest gift you've ever been given and your joy does not need to be earned. Choose it. X

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