Spirit junkie entrepreneurs, get off your ass.

| March 16, 2016

This is for my spirit junkie entrepreneurs who wanna go big, but aren't going big. I get you. And I wanna shake you a little.


You're in business because you've been tapped on the shoulder with an assignment to bring a big-ass vision to life. You totally get that it's not about the money, it's about you doing something beautiful for the world while you're here. But be honest with yourself, you have big goals and some of them involve earthy currencies like money. And you don't feel real good about admitting that. Let's get something clear first. Your soul, the divine, God, the universe… They don't have an aversion to you having prosperity. The aversion is within YOU. Check in with yourself. Do you have an aversion to dam hard work? Hustle? Grind? Perhaps you think that being 'spiritual' means every single thing must flow effortlessly into your life, and that hard work is only for the 'humans who don't get how blissful life is meant to be.' Am I right?


In a nutshell- Being spiritual does not excuse you from doing the dam hard work you need to do. Do not discount the action required for you to live your earthly dreams.


Here's my take. I am whole heartedly devoted to the divine, Mother Earth and most important as a human- humanity. I am completely and utterly obsessed with exploring human potential as expressions of and servants for the bigger picture. I have more osho books than I have clothes. Sometimes, I have incense for breakfast. I don't wear shoes because I feel better when my feet are on the earth. I meditate because I can't function unless I've plugged into infinity everyday. I have 20+ workbooks full of notes from spiritual mentors, merkaba workshops and reflections from holographic healing sessions. I regularly leave my body, my favorite word is 'ease' and the simple thought of a tree giving the whole planet oxygen sets me off with tears. But here's the thing…. I work hard. Real dam hard. Sometimes i don't even work smart. Sometimes i just work hard. Rephrased: I gracefully work my ass off for my vision. I work my ass off not because I have to, but because I am GRATEFUL for the opportunities to do epic shit while being a human on this planet. Hard work does not have to mean 'hard work' as in 'i hate my work'. Hard work can be beautiful. gracious and in service of BIG COSMIC BIGNESS. When you've got a fire in your belly, it's ok to work your ass off and still enjoy the bliss and joy and wonder and awe and everything else life has to offer. The universe cannot give you something so freaking huge when you haven't shown it that you're ready for it. You can have the most epically aligned chakras on planet, but if you still sit on your butt and ask for more than you're willing to give, it ain't coming. DO NOT DISCOUNT the action required for you to live your earthly dreams. You can be a fairy, a gypsy, a bona-fide spirit junkie… But if you want BIG earthly things, check in and see if you're doing some big earthly work.


Love you all. X #lightsonGenY

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