This ‘self love’ thang.

| February 11, 2016

I've committed to writing, drawing, filming or making some sort of art EVERY day without any worry or concern for where it lands, who sees it, or how good it feels. Why? Because something happens when we create. Something so powerful that i've made it a MUST DO everyday. 

You know what else is the most powerful MUST-DO- EVERYDAY? Self love. Yeup. You heard it for the 50th time this week. I think every 4th quote I scroll past on insty has something to do with self love. But just cos EVERY guru/thought leader/ person in the personal development space is talking about it, that doesn't mean you have time for it, right? 

And what actually is it? What is self love?

Is it looking in the mirror everyday and saying "I freaking love you, you badass." ? Yes.

Is it leaving your phone on airplane mode in the morning until you've done everything you want to do for yourself first?  Yes 

Is it getting up from the computer to have a bath when it appears like the most inappropriate time to do so? Yes

Is it choosing the green juice over the gross sugar drinks that i cant believe people actually still drink? Yes

Is it enjoying an almond milk latte so intensely that you almost end up making out with it? Yes

It it getting your monthly facial even though 'real adults' pay their power bill first? Yes

Is it going to yoga instead of going to the party you just cant be effed going to? Yes

Is it telling the bully to f*** off? Yes

Is it booking the trip to Hawaii for no reason even though you're schedule is hectic and normal people think that's frivolous? Yes

Self- love is anything you do, that makes your soul say 'thank you'. 

And there's a reason why every man and their dog is banging on about it in the personal development/spiritual space. Cos it's not just another topic. It's EVERYTHING. 

It's everything for you to be operating from a place of inner integrity.

It's everything for you to be speaking from a place of truth.

It's everything for you to be living the jot that was intended for you.

It's everything for you to be able to show others how good it can really be.

It's everything for you to be present with the fruits of life, rather than chasing something that's not actually there. 

Stop trying to heal the planet from a well that's not full yet. Healing the planet comes from the love that pours out of your cells everyday. 

In a world as hungry for permission as ours, it's not just 'nice' to nail this self-love thing, it's CRUCIAL. It's our turn, YOUR turn to show the world how good it's really meant to be.

"Perhaps we should love ourselves so fiercely, that when others see us they know exactly how it should be done."

Love on, homie. 




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