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Hand-drawn illustration from "Earth is Hiring" by Peta Kelly

Hand-drawn illustration from “Earth is Hiring” by Peta Kelly


Time Macho isn’t cool anymore. “Time Macho,” the term I first heard used by Arianna Huffington in her book Thrive. I fell in love with it, because so many people are Time Macho. I used to be. I was just so damn proud that I worked 16-hour days. I would run this story in my head that I didn’t have time for anyone, and before long it became true. Whenever a friend would invite me to do something during the day, I’d respond with, “I can’t, I’m working,” accompanied by a little smart-ass tone and a face that read, What on Earth would make you think I wasn’t busy? I was almost offended that someone could think I had any free time.



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