Thoughts from a London Cab

| August 17, 2016

Your goal is always a feeling. Just remember that as you strive.

Driving through London this afternoon, in the back of a black cab, holding Erik’s hand, I thought to myself “i’m so excited for a yummy vegan dinner tonight at a new restaurant, and i feel so good that i got some good work done today.”

That’s it. So simple. It was a little shot of satisfaction and excitement but the type that made me stop and think “how does it get any better than this?”

These little, simple moments of excitement and satisfaction are what we work for and ask for.

Like I said earlier today, sometimes we let the bigness of our pursuits cloud the beautiful perfection of what we’ve already created.

I’m still learning to smell the roses too, but they smell pretty good when i actually stop to sniff’em 😉 X

Earlier today, I’m sitting in a cafe in underground London that used to be a public toilet. I was about to write ‘this shit is my jam’, but instead I’ll just say, rad cafe culture really excites me 😉

The three words that come out of my mouth the most are ‘what excites you?’ Cos other than ‘I love you’ and ‘thank you’, they’re everything.

14053707_1648038788845071_2665115349998644341_oSometimes we get so on a mission with our BIGGGG purpose, we neglect the little things we love to do. We fall into the trap of thinking they’re irrelevant and distracting and that it’s all about werk werk werk.

But take it from a recovering (maybe) workholic. I know I speak more powerfully on stage, serve my supercharged tribe with more alignment and wear my CEO hat a lot more powerfully when I let the little things that excite me have room in my day.

The little things that excite you aren’t distractions. Excitement is ALL the evidence you need that something is a fit. Honoring your excitements is giving fuel to your light, your work, your gifts. It’s not brave to ignore the shit that makes you happy. Gone are the days of glorifying 24 hour work days. The new way is here, people. And your excitement definitely has a place in it.

How much more powerfully could you do your work if you were fueled by your own excitement?

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