Tomorrow I’m spending 2 Full Days Filming

| February 17, 2016

Tomorrow I'm spending 2 full days filming- Thursday and Friday. So being an organise, type A sorta gal, I set aside Tuesday and Wednesday to get prepared. As I look over the topics I wanna let rip on in the videos, I feel so obligated to write scripts.

"Everyone writes scripts peta. be responsible. You don't wanna waste Justin's time. He's coming all the way from LA to film you."

And then my soul says "Most people's videos suck. Most people's videos are just a series of nice sounding words, memorised and censored. That's not how you reach into people's souls and turn something on that's never been turned on before. Get into your brilliant, divinely guided, epic-ass genius zone and LET IT RIP as you usually do. Scripting your souls work is depriving your audience of all the new stuff God, the universe, source wants to communicate through me tomorrow. It's not up to me to censor that magic- regardless of how desperate the ego is to cling onto 'comfort' and 'scripts' and 'knowing exactly how it's gonna go.'

I'd rather trust the clear connection I have with the divine and my role as a vessel for the magnificence of the universe to flow through me….

Bye felicia! (Felicia = scripts).

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