What Are Your Books?

| July 31, 2016

Tribe, let’s play.

Q) What are the 5 books that have had the biggest impact on your life? Comment below and help some people grow 🙂

I’m a pretty ADD reader. I’ve got 8 books going at once and I bounce between depending on what’s vibing and what I most wanna remember at the time. Some I don’t finish, some I repeat over and over again.

In the supercharged we have an ongoing book club and all refer to the same texts, it’s so cool, books are so timeless and divine (praise!!)

I have SO many recommendations from spirit and soul, to bold leadership, to productivity, to conscious enterprise.

Here are 5 from my rotation. I’ll share more as we grow together:

– Whatever arises, love that. Matt Kahn
– The Big Leap. Gay Hendriks
– Change your thoughts, Change your life, Wayne dyer.
– The 15 commitments of conscious leadership. The conscious leaders group
– The War of Art- Steven Pressfield

And while I’m here, two more (I could go all day!):

– Meet your soul. Elisa Romeo
– Essentialism. Greg mckeown


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