What Does Trust Have to Do With Nature?

| August 5, 2016

Honesty is NATURE.

13892371_1642501872732096_3971319270593776864_nNature never leads us astray. We now consider it to be brave and courageous to be truthful and natural and real. Brave and courageous to go against what’s natural, hmmm. I get it cos I’m human, but that is freaking crazy.

Every time I’ve gotta be super honest in a time where it’s tough, I remind myself that honesty is nature and NATURE is easy, but only when we trust it.

It’s not bravery I’m digging for when I’m being honest, it’s trust. When you are honest, transparent, truthful, authentic, you are TRUSTING the natural, trusting the real, trusting the path, trusting that honesty will never lead you anywhere you’re not meant to go. It may hurt, but it’s nature.

Sometimes we’re scared to say it how it is because of a fear of what _______ may think or because it may hinder _____ opportunity. But being honest is trusting that your nature/your natural/your real, will never get it wrong.

Trust that the universe supports your honesty and will swiftly respond to it.

Nature never gets it wrong. We humans just love making it all so dam hard *human to human fist bump*

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