Why I won’t ever say ‘I work for myself’ again.

| March 9, 2016

Here's why I won't ever say 'I work for myself' again.

While prepping for a keynote in Aus next month I had to stop and share a piece with you. Especially YOU entrepreneurs. I was talking with one of my business mentors a couple of months ago about some decisions I had to make for my start up. To be honest, there were some decisions to be made and things to be done that I just flat out didn't wanna do. She said to me 'you're an ambassador for your company, It doesn't matter if YOU wanna do it or not." And phwoar.. That changed the game for me.

I got thinking about how entrepreneurs and peeps with 'work from home' businesses say "I work for myself." And I started to realize how freaking BS that is. And how it cripples people into bad habits when it comes to running a company/start-up/network marketing business. Real Entrepreneurs do not work for themselves. They're working for something bigger and their habits show it. Yes they created the company. But they work for it. They don't slack off and scroll Facebook and give themselves five too many coffee date breaks. They don't post about entrepreneurship on Insty and then go shopping everyday even though their business sucks and is crying out for a REAL FREAKING CEO.

They work in response to what their business requires of them. The business's results dictate what's required of the entrepreneur. And the entrepreneur behaves as if their business is a spirit with a megaphone. I totally get the freedom business thing- that's why I started my first business at 21 and my second at 23. My visions were far too big to be able to go to work for someone else's. So although I've said the words "i work for myself", I won't ever say it again. I feel so dam lucky that my visions were sent to me and I feel so dam privileged to get to be the one to go to work for them, through the channel of BUSINESS.

I have two almost three businesses now and I although I have the freedom to choose my own hours, I don't. I check in with my boss- a beautiful, divinely inspired company that I've created tell me what to do… And I encourage all entrepreneurs to see their business as the beautiful spiritual entity and gift that it is.

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