I'm PK. I'm human AF.

I am obsessed with mobilising the Jeaniius of this beautifully badass generation. That includes you - the next generation of conscious leaders, entrepreneurs and messy humans. We're here to create epic shit for our planet, but in a new way... The New Way.

Feelin’ the Inc. and Forbes Love!

Check it out! Inc. Magazine has listed me on their Women’s Day Special: 2017 27 Business Leaders list, plus, I’m in Forbes’ 7 Ways To Know If You’re On The Right Career Path article and supporting podcast!

Wouldn’t it be incredible if you were doing something every single day to live your zone of Jeaniius, instead of wasting it dwelling on a swirl of useless, overwhelming “shoulds?”


I feel you. That’s why I created the Supercharged. It’s the tribe, the megamind, and the mentoring hub for leaders of The New Way.


supercharge me!

Come + hang.

Take your shoes off, let go of any funky energy that's not yours and get comfy. Watch some vids, read some blogs, listen to some audios or just stare at the screen, sip your almond milk latte and soak up the vibes ;)

Just three years ago I was, like you, standing at a crossroads. Don’t get me wrong, I was doing well in an everyday kind of way. At the same time, I was getting big nudges from the universe. I guess I was feeling the pull between what I “should” do and what I “could” do. Know that feeling?

Long story short, I leapt from the safety of my PhD in Perth, Western Australia, to the scary but freaking FIRE world of entrepreneurship, self-discovery, spirituality, yada yada yada.. Those are just words until they actually do something to a human. The journey has led me to right here, a rough ass-freaking human with an INSATIABLE hunger to mobilise the jeaniius of Gen Y, and turn The New Way into The New Normal. Our generation holds the keys to getting the job done, period.

My obsessions in brief, and what I teach to the next generation of conscious leaders:

- The New Way to live, lead, earn and give.
- Conscious Enterprise. Building organisations with a CE, ‘Chief Entity’ and two key board members- ‘Humanity’ and ‘Planet’
- The Anatomy of your Genius. Turning on the tap and just letting it Rip (Oh the bliss!)
- Being human AF. Seriously, this isn’t meant to be so serious.

Human to human, it’s our turn.
I love you, without even knowing your name, and I can’t wait to meet you at one of my events really soon.
In the meantime, let’s cyber friendship it up!

The New Way

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Supercharged $99 USD/month

We have avalanches of epic content waiting for you and more LIVE training this year to rocket you into 2017. Oh, and our special guest for January is Prince EA ;)

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Hexagon $227 USD

This program was created from PK's Conscious Business Accelerator Workshop at The New Way Live event in Sydney, Australia. The program dives into PK's model, "The Hexagon," a 6-sided model for conscious entrepreneurs containing very fresh and forward insights for building conscious ventures that positively impact and transform our world.

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Speaking of almond milk latte, this is yours. The daily fuel up so your jeaniius can fly. If you want the global tribe, the raw and consistent mentoring, the powerful accountability and the constant fresh content on tap... it's HERE!!

We've been waiting for you...

supercharge me!

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